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The foundation of the firm is a set of guiding principles of customer service, a collaborative approach to design and an architectural philosophy rooted in traditional design. These principles shape the employee/office culture and organization of Allison Ramsey Architects.

Why is Allison Ramsey Different?

Allison Ramsey Architects strive to provide good, quality customer service to all our clients. We try to provide the services that our client's value, and we pride ourselves in our ability to listen. We find that it is as enjoyable to help a client design their own dream home as it is to design a good model that will attract a seller for a builder or a developer. As mentioned earlier, the firm is guided at all time by our core principles, and in following these principles we are allowed to serve each client in a new and exciting way, and although we believe strongly in our design abilities, we strive to not let our egos get in the way.

We are developer-friendly in the fact that we understand the need to add value to the land - to not only enhance the bottom line, but to create a great sense-of-place that enhances the quality of life and the marketability of the new community. As town architects, we understand how to temper the demand for quality design within the given economic realities.

We are builder-friendly, in fact many of us have at times been builders ourselves. We understand that mistakes on the drawings equal time and costs to both the builder and the client - although we are not perfect, we strive to produce the best drawings possible and we try to make them coherent and easy to follow. We have built enough to know that we can always learn from the builder on the ground, and we value the builder as an important member of the team.

Our Architectural Team

Bill Allison Co-Founder Our founding partner and fearless leader. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Cooter Ramsey Co-Founder He doesn't have hair anymore. It all fell out trying to keep up with Bill. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Mike Sammut Design Customer service with a smile! Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Rob Wilson Position He doesn't really work with us, but he makes us look really good! Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Christopher Perry Designer The latest addition to our team. Christopher brings a little West Coast flavor over to East! Facebook Twitter Linkedin