Legare (Plan C0221)


Plan Description

  • Plan Specifications:

    • Total Sq ft: 2105
    • Width: 22'0"
    • Depth: 59'8"
    • Bedrooms: 3
    • Bathrooms: 3.5

Please note that this plan is not drawn to local specifications. If your building locality requires that the plan is stamped, you will need to find a local architect or engineer to modify and stamp the plan for local codes.

Plan Notes:
The square footages for the porches have not been added yet.

Plan Pricing:
PDF of Plan C0221 $1250.00
Study Set of Plan C0221 $50.00
3D Model in Sketchup C0221 $250.00

C0221 - Legare by Allison Ramsey on Sketchfab

Additional Images

First Floor Plan (820 sq ft)


Second Floor Plan (720 sq ft)


Loft Floor Plan (565 sq ft)


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