Combahee River Cottage(10366)


Plan Description

  • Plan Specifications:

    • Total Sq ft: 2102
    • Width: 26'1"
    • Depth: 97'2"
    • Bedrooms: 4
    • Bathrooms: 3.
    • Garage: 663 sq. ft.

Please note that this plan is not drawn to local specifications. If your building locality requires that the plan is stamped, you will need to find a local architect or engineer to modify and stamp the plan for local codes.

Plan Notes:
Garage Loft- 605 sq.ft (not included in overall square footage)
Depth includes garage.

Plan Pricing:
PDF of Plan 10366 $1250.00
Study Set of Plan 10366 $50.00

Additional Images

First Floor Plan (1454 sq ft)


Second Floor Plan (648 sq ft)


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