Coastal Living


Project Description

710 Boundary Street was the winner of Coastal Living's Best of Coast Design. This building is located on Boundary Street, one of Beaufort’s major corridors, and replaced a dilapidated gas station in the city’s Historic District. The landowner sought to build a mixed-use structure that could serve as both retail and residential space. By mixing commercial and residential space, this building serves as a wonderful transition from one of Beaufort’s commercial districts to its historic residential sector. We opted for a respectful new design that capitalized on the glorious waterfront setting and defers to the historic district, live oaks, adjacent green space, and the landmark curve that introduces visitors to historic Beaufort.

Photo Gallery

08/09/2017 10:01:01 AM 9868_EL.jpg
08/09/2017 10:00:58 AM 9868_FL1.jpg
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