Hammond's Ferry


Project Description

Hammonds Ferry, North Augusta, South Carolina A 195 acre master planned community developed by Leyland Alliance that was master planned by Dover Kohl and partners for the city of North Augusta as a redevelopment project for the city. Allison Ramsey Architects have been involved since the beginning. We were invited to participate in a charrette that planned the first phase of the project. To date, we have provided housing for a cottage park, the neighborhoods first modular attempt, the main entry “first impression house” along with a mixed use corner building that anchored the first phase of development. We have done more than 30 houses in the development to date. Mixed Use Building – Lot 4-1 Hammonds Ferry is a 10,645 square foot mixed use building. The ground floor provided the neighborhood for the opportunity for a small commercial space (restaurant) along with an enclosed parking garage for the private residences above. The second floor has a 2080 square foot 3 bedroom condo and a 1420 square foot two bedroom condo. The third floor was a four bedroom 3,515 square foot penthouse apartment connected to an additioinal fourth floor of 1460 square feet that was used for entertaining.

Photo Gallery

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