Habitat for Humanity Corp. Office


Project Description

An addition and renovation for the Habitat for Humanity corporate office in Asheville, NC. Allison Ramsey Architects was awarded the Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County's 2011 Griffin Award in the "Adaptive Re-Use" category for its' contribution to the preservation of the historic Southern Railway Building in Biltmore Village. The Griffin Award Recognizes outstanding projects that further the goals of historic preservation. Built in 1927, the Southern Railway Freight Depot is a large, 2-story brick building with extensive loading docks in the rear. The Building was remodeled to accommodate the Asheville Area Habitat's offices, volunteer workstations, a large conference room, two meeting rooms, and a warehouse space for construction and deconstruction programs. By preserving the Southern Railway building, Asheville Area habitat for Humanity was able to keep its operations in the accessible and popular Biltmore Village area, while preserving a historically- significant building.

Photo Gallery

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